Optimist Conventions

One of the great networking/personal development opportunities for Optimists
is to attend our Central Ontario District and Optimist International Conventions. It is a great opportunity to share ideas, attend workshops, network and socialize with a great group of people who share your Optimism. There are seven Optimist Clubs in our Zone and 57 Optimist Clubs in Central Ontario. The 2016 International Optimist Convention was in Quebec City. In 2017, it will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Representatives from many of the over 2500 Optimist Clubs around the world attend.

Central Ontario District Convention

President Sue Gauder, Central Ontario Governor Steve Gardonyi and Laszlo A. Gauder.

Optimist International Convention, July 2016

Optimist International President Dave Bruns, President Susanne Gauder and Laszlo Gauder.