Grade 6 Education @ Hamilton War Plane Museum

The Hamilton Optimist Club is proud to sponsor two Grade 6 classes from Hamilton to attend this wonderful program at the Hamilton Warplane Museum. â€‹Specifically tailored to the Grade 6 academic program, it is an exciting approach to help deliver the Understanding Structures and Mechanisms strand from the Science and Technology curriculum, specifically Flight. Starting from the simple concepts that air occupies space and that air has weight, they systematically show the students that these two concepts have a great deal to do with the principles of flight. After introducing the notion that air can do work for us, they proceed to an aircraft to show the students examples of pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Back at the workstations, students construct a simple device that starts to demonstrate the concept of low pressure and that this low pressure contributes to the principle of lift.

Aircraft in the Museum are used to reinforce the concept of lift by showing the differences
in shape between an upper wing surface and the lower wing surface. The principle of an airfoil
is introduced at this time and a representative example is constructed. They also take a nostalgic trip back in time to the days of Daniel Bernoulli, the noted 18th century mathematician and physicist. With a focus on fun and humour, a series of demonstrations are presented to the students that show the concepts of lift and the experiments that Bernoulli conducted. The concept of lift, gravity, thrust and drag are shown and Museum aircraft are viewed to show the principles of aerodynamics. Also the principles of roll, pitch and yaw are introduced to expand the concept of flight into the more complicated concept of controlling an aircraft when it is flying. Each student constructs a small styrofoam aircraft, modifying it with appropriate flight control surfaces to demonstrate the control surfaces that control roll, pitch and yaw.